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Brock men's hockey recognizes long-time corporate sponsor Henley Honda

ST. CATHARINES, Ont. – The Brock University men's hockey team recognized long-time corporate sponsor Henley Honda before the OUA West playoff game between the Brock Badgers and Waterloo Warriors Friday night at the Seymour-Hannah Centre
The Brock community is phenomenal and is a big part of St. Catharines and the Niagara Region," said Digenis. "I always have loved what they are doing and love athletics. My kids (Jaden and Hannah) are heavily involved in athletics and it is just great to see young adults involved in university sports and doing well."
With many years of sponsorship from Henley Honda, Brock Badgers men's hockey coach Murray Nystrom knows that sponsorships are a big part of the athletic success that all Brock University athletes attain.
"We have certainly always appreciated Henley Honda's contributions to our athletic program," said Nystrom. "The way they help the student athletes through scholarships is outstanding. If our athletics are going to excel in all sports we need to attract the best athletes we can get, and the Henley Honda Scholarship Program helps us do that."


Henley Honda gives $100K to Brock

Brock University director of athletics Lorne Adams's job was made a little easier last week with the announcement of a $100,000, five-year commitment from Henley Honda to fund scholarships for varsity athletes.

The donation is the largest in the history of Brock athletics.
Adams explained that unlike scholarships to American universities where athletes receive a full ride for four years, Canadians who want to stay home to study and play sports aren't quite as fortunate -- but there is money available to them.
"We prefer to call them athletic financial awards rather than scholarships," said Adams. "In order to get a first-year entering award you must have an 80 per cent (average) to qualify and the ceiling is $3,500. In order to get a continuing student award you must have 70 per cent entering your second year and maintain 70 per cent for the remainder of your academic career."
Adams added the financial support has encouraged some athletes to remain close to family and friends.

The deal is based on a similar program between the University of Western Ontario and a London, Ont., Honda dealership. Brock co-ordinator of athletic sponsorship and marketing Shawn McCart approached Henley Honda president and CEO Reni de Verteuil and the two sides were able to negotiate a deal.
"We're very happy," said Adams. "The $100,000 commitment represents a significant investment in athletes and athletic excellence. We are grateful to Henley Honda for their confidence and support."

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