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Honda Ranks Best in Used Car Values

When you are buying a new car, a used vehicle can be one of the best values you will find. With a much lower price tag, finding a used car with relatively low mileage, modern safety and convenience features can be a task and a half. Unless you’re looking at a Honda. Consumer Reports scoured… Read more »

Getting to know your Honda: Our 360-Degree Visibility

At Honda, we fully believe that 360-degree visibility makes for the safest drive possible. We started with the Crosstour and took a comprehensive approach to enhancing diriver visibility. We want you to be confident on the road and we think the rearview camera is what you need. And now, our efforts have been recognized by… Read more »

What is Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ Body Structure?

 VS.  If you’re looking at a new Honda vehicle, it’s pretty likely you’re going to see our Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure in the list of standard safety features. And if you’re new to Honda, you are probably wondering, “What the heck is that and do I need it?” To put it simply, our ACE™ Body Structure is Honda’s… Read more »