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Driving Safety Tips for Night Driving

Tips to stay safe driving at night

Driving at night comes with risks that you wouldn’t normally face during the day. Reduced visibility can lead to slow reaction times and missed cues on the road. Proper maintenance of your vehicle and expert advice can make the necessary improvements for driving safety at night. Road safety is of the utmost importance at Henley… Read more »

Tips for safe driving in rainy weather

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Keeping the Henley Honda family safe on the roads is important to our team here at Henley Honda. However, try as we might, we can’t control the weather. Rainy spring days can be hazardous to drivers, so it’s important to keep in mind these tips for safe driving on wet roads.   

Tips for Wet Weather Driving

Before the snow starts to fall, we may see an influx of rainy and wet weather here in Niagara. So next time the rain starts coming down hard, keep some of these driving tips in mind to stay safe in your Honda:   Slow down! The first rule of driving in the rain is to slow… Read more »

Back to School on a Budget? Buy Used Instead of New!

  Are you looking for a car to get you around campus, or to and from that crucial job interview, but don’t want to break the bank? Well look no further than our used car selection. Henley Honda offers a wide selection of gently used vehicles that maintain the quality, safety and driveability that you would… Read more »

The 2016 Pilot Aces its Safety Tests

  As you probably know by now, vehicle safety is our number one priority at Honda. We strive to keep the driver and passengers not only as comfortable as possible, but in the event of a sudden crash or accident, as safe as possible as well. Honda is constantly improving its safety features in its… Read more »

Airbag Recall Expanded

The scope of the Takata-made airbag recall was expanded this week, after the company doubled its recall numbers, bringing the number of vehicles impacted to 53 million worldwide. While Canadian statistics are hard to find, 34 million vehicles in the US were affected, making it the largest automotive recall in U.S. history. The airbags can explode with… Read more »

The First Snow Has Fallen…Are You Prepared?

  For most people, its not the best news to hear, but snow has officially started to fall, meaning an early winter and less prep time for weatherproofing your Honda. Winter to some is all about the fun cold weather, “family fun times”, and warm drinks, but to others its a bit of a frightening… Read more »

Honda is making new advancements in safety design

  Between the ACE body structure, hands free technology, countless safety features and numerous IIHS Top Safety awards, it’s hard to imagine exactly how Honda could make its vehicles safer on the road. Never one to stand still, we’re now making advancements in the study of crash test simulations to better understand how our cars can… Read more »

Honda is a best choice for teen drivers

Sooner or later, most teens will get behind the wheel of a vehicle. In some cases, parents often face the option of lending their vehicle to their kids regularly or making the investment in an additional car. In other cases, the young drivers may choose to purchase their first vehicle to take advantage of the… Read more »

Honda Parking Series: Reversing into a Spot

Here at Henley Honda, we know reversing into a parking spot can be tricky. You have to angle your car just right and worry about if there is enough room between your car and the ones beside you. So wether if you are a new driver or someone who has been driving for years, here… Read more »