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Get Your Honda Ready for Spring

Winter can do a number on your vehicle and this winter was one for the record books. With the approach of spring (we hope), it’s just about time to rid your Honda of the remains of winter.   Wash the underbody Winter driving means one thing for the underbody of your Honda — a build… Read more »

Stay Safe on the Roads this Spring

We are hoping it’s safe to finally say the worst winter in years is finally behind us (knock on wood) and it’s time to welcome spring. With the melting of the snow comes easy spring driving, right? Not quite. Spring brings its own driving hazards, so don’t let your guard down yet. You already drive… Read more »

Henley Honda wants to Keep you Safe in Rainy Weather

Spring is well underway and that means spring showers are hammering Niagara. You may not realize it, but spring and summer’s sudden downpours can be just as dangerous as the icy winter roads it feels like only just melted away. So next time the rain starts coming down hard, keep some of these driving tips… Read more »