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Airbag Recall Update

Recent news this month focuses on the Takata airbag defect scandal causing Honda to recall dozens of vehicles around North America. Although this issue does affect our customers, we pride our vehicles on their reputation for quality and safety, and want to ensure we answer all your questions. The issue being faced involves the company… Read more »

Honda Canada Recalls 700,00 Vehicles

  Safety in our vehicles is the most important things to us at Honda, and that is why Honda Canada is recalling some 700,000 vehicles in Canada to replace their airbag inflators. The problem is that the airbags deploy with too much force, and in some cases have caused injuries to the driver or passenger… Read more »

The First Snow Has Fallen…Are You Prepared?

  For most people, its not the best news to hear, but snow has officially started to fall, meaning an early winter and less prep time for weatherproofing your Honda. Winter to some is all about the fun cold weather, “family fun times”, and warm drinks, but to others its a bit of a frightening… Read more »

When Should You Change Your Oil?

Many Canadians are lead to believe that your motor oil should be changed every 5,000km. This is a number that auto manufacturers have been saying for year after year. Well, year after year vehicles also change and become more efficient and all around better vehicles. Motor oil also has improved since then. Back when these… Read more »

Honda Warning Lights: Maintenance Minders

Honda is dedicated to making sure its drivers get the best experience possible from driving our vehicles. A big part of the joy of driving a Honda is the longevity of the car’s life – they just keep going and going! In order to really extend the life of your car, van, truck or SUV,… Read more »

When should you replace your tires?

  Tires are one of the hardest working parts of your Honda vehicle. They’re constantly moving, keep you on the road and help ensure you have a smooth ride. When they start to wear down, you can face serious trouble, from reduced traction, longer stop distances, and rougher rides that will reduce your safety on… Read more »

Honda Maintenance: The Multi Point Inspection

As we’ve discussed before, regular maintenance on your Honda is important for a lot of reasons. Getting regular oil changes, fluid and filter replacements, and tire rotations, as well as the other maintenance described in your owner’s manual are essential to making sure your vehicle remains safe and reliable and retains more of its resale value during… Read more »

Keep Your Honda Happy in Hot Temperatures

With summer weather finally approaching, temperatures are starting to rise in the Niagara Region. This summer is going to be hot, so prepare yourself and your vehicle for the coming heat with these tips from Henley Honda. Coolant System When the temperature rises, the cooling system in your car has to work harder to keep… Read more »

Keeping your Honda Clean: Why it Matters

  Everyone likes a clean, shiny new car, especially here at Henley Honda. And besides having a ride that looks awesome, keeping your vehicle clean has some other perks too. Unfortunately, cars don’t stay that way without some effort on your part. There are a few basic things that you can do to keep your… Read more »

Get Your Honda Ready for Spring

Winter can do a number on your vehicle and this winter was one for the record books. With the approach of spring (we hope), it’s just about time to rid your Honda of the remains of winter.   Wash the underbody Winter driving means one thing for the underbody of your Honda — a build… Read more »