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The First Snow Has Fallen…Are You Prepared?

  For most people, its not the best news to hear, but snow has officially started to fall, meaning an early winter and less prep time for weatherproofing your Honda. Winter to some is all about the fun cold weather, “family fun times”, and warm drinks, but to others its a bit of a frightening… Read more »

Don’t Let Winter Roads Get the Best of You

This winter has been one for the record books. Mother nature has not let us forget what a Canadian winter really is with all this snow. And with the winter weather warnings today, Henley Honda wants to remind you how to stay safe on the roads when the going gets tough.   Be Prepared When… Read more »

Honda Hack: What to do when your Car Doors are Frozen Shut

When it comes to taking care and getting the most out of your Honda, it’s not rocket science. But, there are some tips and tricks that will keep your vehicle running optimally and help you get to know your Honda a bit better. Let the experts from Henley Honda guide you with Honda Hacks! What… Read more »

Why Winter Car Washes Matter to your Honda

When winter hits, many drivers stop washing their vehicles as often as they do in the spring and summer. Sure, a clean car just looks so good in the warm sunshine, but washing your vehicle does more than keep it looking like new. We know a clean vehicle doesn’t stay that way with snow and… Read more »

Keep your Honda Happy in Freezing Temperatures

Recently, the Niagara Region experienced some freezing temperatures that were almost unbelievable. You didn’t like it, and we have news for you, neither did your Honda. While the mercury has been rising in the past few days, winter isn’t over yet. So, here are some tips from your family at Henley Honda for the next… Read more »

Do you really need winter tires?

Canadian winters can be, in a word, brutal. With the snow and ice that’s just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay safe on the winter roads in the soon-to-be frozen Niagara Region. How to know if you need winter tires Consider the road conditions you usually encounter during the… Read more »