Honda's Community Emergency Response Team


It’s no secret that we are all about community at Honda Canada, and Henley Honda is no stranger to that. We are proud to support countless charities, teams and events that keep our community strong and tied together. Today, however, we wanted to share a story out of Simcoe County, and how Honda is stepping in to help surrounding communities in the area.

Honda’s manufacturing plant in Alliston recently put together a Community Emergency Response Team. The purpose of this new team is to provide and deploy manpower, equipment and other support to assist Simcoe County and it’s surrounding smaller communities. If an emergency hits an area that has fewer first responders or lower populations, the community often bands together to help those in need. This was seen when a tornado hit the Essa Township in 2014. It really does take an entire community to respond and rebuild, and Honda Canada is glad to throw their support into the mix as well.

Warden of Simcoe County, Gerry Warden, made a statement on the new Community Emergency Response Team and said that “Honda continues to demonstrate tremendous leadership and corporate social responsibility. As we all learned during the Essa Township tornado in 2014, it takes an entire community to respond and rebuild once an emergency hits. We applaud and thank Honda and their associates for this commitment and we’re thrilled to have you in our corner as strong partner if called upon to help our communities and residents in need.

Since 2006, Honda has worked hand-in-hand with the county and their emergency training, and now the County will offer basic emergency management training to Honda Manufacturing associates and other community partners who may be interested in the program as well.
“Our associates, their families and friends live work and play in this community,” said Craig Steley, Fire Chief at Honda of Canada Mfg. “Providing assistance wherever we can is a natural fit for us and it plays into Honda’s 2020 vision which says that we strive to be a company that society wants to exist.”

While we all hope that the Community Emergency Response Team is never needed, they will be ready if the unfortunate happens. Just another show of how Honda is trying to better communities across the country.