When you hit the road in your Honda, how often do you really have a free and clear road to set your cruise control and keep a consistent speed on the highway? With increased traffic everywhere, traditional cruise control just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Meet Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control — making your drive safe and easy. All you have to do is switch on the adaptive cruise control, put in the maximum speed you want to drive and the distance you are comfortable following other vehicles and enjoy your drive.

What is Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control?

Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control system (ACC) uses Honda’s new sensing technologies available in many 2016 models (like the Honda Civic 2016) and higher. Simply put, ACC automatically adjusts your speed while driving with your cruise set, mirroring the speed of the person in front of you. No more tapping the breaks or re-adjusting your controls, ACC does it for you. And because the ACC system allows you to adjust the space between you and the vehicle in front of you (with intervals of short, medium and long), your vehicle not only keeps you safe, but also super comfortable behind the wheel.

How does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

ACC uses a small sensor unit in the front bumper and a radar camera in your rearview mirror to measure the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you and constantly scan traffic. The system then uses the information to calculate the distance and speed of the vehicle ahead to react to any changes, making cruise control adjustments when necessary to maintain a safe driving gap.