2017 honda civic

As the saying goes, history repeats itself, and this year history has repeated itself in the best way. For 19 years history in the automotive industry has shown a fantastic trend – bringing in almost 2 decades of the Honda Civic standing at the top, as Canada’s number one best-selling passenger car.

We love Honda Civics, probably as much as you do. But 19 years is a long time, and momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down too much for the Civics. So how has the Civic held the top spot for so long?


The answer to that question is you! The Honda Civic models come with a loyal following of fans. The customer loyalty that we experience about Civics has made for growing success in sales. The Civic first took the title of Canada’s best-selling car in 1998. 10 years later sales peaked, and Honda Canada saw a record annual sales level of 72, 463 units sold in one year during 2008.

Almost another 10 years later, Civic sales are still huge. Though the numbers have decreased slightly, with 64, 552 units sold in the year of 2016, it’s still ranking in Canada’s top spot. The model’s origin didn’t come with largely popular critical reception, but customers loved it, and that love turned into 19 years of loyalty to the Civic brand.

The Civic Hatchback

The introduction of the Civic’s hatchback model at the end of 2016 gave the sales a much needed boost for that year. The introduction brought the Civic sales back up 2 per cent over other passenger cars in the market, while trends saw consumers trading in passenger cars for crossovers (such as the Honda CR-V).

We saw the Civic in the final months of the year earning about 10% of the Canadian car market. Even over other Honda cars, the Civic came out on top. The Hyundai Elantra is Canada’s second best selling car. However, the Elantra didn’t produce as many sales in the full year as the Civic did in the first ten months of the year.

That’s how crazy the Honda Civic customer loyalty is – and that’s why we love our customers.