Exploring The 2018 Honda Odyssey Features

The 5th Generation of the Honda Odyssey arrived in 2018, and it is not here to disappoint. The newest design of the Odyssey is the most practical, comfortable, and quiet version thus far. With new features, and upgrades to old ones, here are the top five features of the 2018 Honda Odyssey.

Tablet-Style Infotainment

Keeping with the times, the infotainment system is in the form of a tablet, with features that include the ability to customize the icon layout, as well as connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allows software to update wirelessly. The 8-inch touchscreen is substantially quicker and lends way more features to family entertainment.

Built-In Vacuum

Although it has been around since the 2014 Odyssey, the built-in vacuum took some time off on the last model, and is now back and better than ever before. The vacuum is tucked into the rear cargo area and the hose is long enough to tackle a mess at the furthest end of the van’s interior. The vacuum can run continuously with the car on, and for up to eight minutes on when the vehicle is not running.

4G LTE Wi-Fi

For the first time ever, the 2018 Odyssey is offering 45 LTE Wi-Fi in the Touring and Elite models. The Wi-Fi was introduced with rear-seat entertainment in mind and allows a preloaded streaming app to play shows on the go. In addition to that streaming app, it is possible to tether a device to the entertainment system so there will be even more streaming possibilities!


There is a camera mounted above the second row that gives viewers up-front the ability to see exactly what activities are taking place in the backseat. The feature is called CabinWatch, and you can choose to have a wide-angle feed or to zoom in on an individual seat. In addition to the camera, it lives up to its’ name and allows messages to be broadcasted through the headphones that are connected to the car, which pauses whatever is on the screen.

Slide-to-Slide Sliding for the Second-Row Seats

This seating innovation is called the Magic Slide, which allows the seats to not only move forward and backwards but also side-to-side. Each centre-row seat can slide 13 inches laterally, with five options for latching. The shifting seats were designed to allow a larger pathway to the rear seats, but also includes options such as, seats together, seats apart, one seat forward and one seat back.