5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Honda Fuel Efficiency

2018 honda fit increase your honda fuel efficiency
Keeping your Honda as fuel efficient as possible is a priority for many Honda drivers. Not only can it help you save some money on fuel cost, but it is also an environmentally friendly choice to make. There are a number of small things that can be done to increase the fuel efficiency of any Honda vehicle.

Clean It Out

Practically living out of your Honda and keeping more than what is necessary stored in the cargo areas may not seem like it would play a part in your fuel efficiency, but it does. Weight is actually an important factor in how much fuel your Honda consumes when getting from Point A to Point B. The heavier the car, the more fuel it uses up to move. If your vehicle is filled with heavier materials you don’t actually need to have in your vehicle, clean it out.

Take Advantage of Windows Down Weather

As Niagara enters into another wave of warm weather, consider the effect that the air conditioning use has on your fuel efficiency. Air conditioning is a source of drag to the engine, which means an increase in fuel consumption while you cool down. Instead, take advantage of the windows-down weather and let the fresh air cool you down when you can.

Check Your Tires

The state of your tires can impact a lot about the way your Honda drives, including how fuel efficient it is. First, you’ll want to make sure that you are using the manufacturer recommended tires for the vehicle. Tires that don’t fit perfectly with your vehicle can make it more difficult to turn and drive, which can increase your fuel consumption.
It is also important to regularly check your tire pressure and alignment. An underinflated tire increases rolling resistance – which can drive up fuel consumption. Decreasing by just 8 pounds of pressure in your tires can work to decrease your fuel economy by 5 per cent!

Safe Driving

Not only is this important to keep you and your vehicle safe, driving safe will impact your Honda fuel efficiency. When it comes to how you drive, accelerate gradually, anticipate traffic, stick to the speed limit and brake gradually – not only is it safer for you, your passengers and everyone around you, but it is easier on your vehicle and uses less fuel.

Regular Service

Do not skip out on your regular vehicle maintenance appointments. Stick to the schedule outlined in your owner’s manual as closely as you can. At your regular service appointments, Certified Honda Service Technicians will analyze various readings of your Honda’s sensors, perform a checkup of all vehicle components, and ensure that your Honda is in peak condition. Regularly ensuring it is in good condition is a great way to ensure Honda fuel efficiency.
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