A Record-Setting Month of May for Honda Canada

Honda Canada has posted its monthly report for May, and with 18,753 units by the Honda and Acura divisions combined, May has set the best all-time monthly sales record for the brand. Dave Gardner, Senior Vice President of Operations, Honda Canada Inc. commented about this great accomplishment: “For the first time in company history, the Honda brand surpassed the threshold of 17,000 units sold in one month, and this can be attributed to the tenth-generation Honda Civic..”
The Honda Automobile Division reported May sales of 17,189 units, up 8% over last year, while the Acura Division reported May sales of 1,564 units, down 25% versus last year. Gardner commented on these findings, stating “For the second consecutive month, Acura is constrained by very low inventory on some core models, resulting in disappointing monthly sales.”
May was a great month for the Honda Civic, as it posted a solid 10% gain on year-over-year sales, with 8,240 units sold. Another positive taken from the month of May was the 14% increase in May on sales of 683 units for the versatile Pilot. With concern on Acura’s numbers, Gardner was sure to reinforce that the 2017 MDX arriving in July will help Acura’s results to get back to their usual levels in the coming months.
Stop by the dealership and see for yourself why Honda keeps setting the bar higher and higher in terms of sales, and why more Canadians than ever are getting into Hondas. You can see the numbers for May 2016 in the table below.