Are snow tires really worth it?

snow tires
When it comes to winter in Ontario, you don’t want to wait to start thinking about snow tires. Many Niagarans wait until the snow first begins to fall before they get their winter tires – however, waiting too long can put you in an unsafe situation.

Why You Need Snow Tires

Many drivers assume that all-season tires offer enough traction for year-round use. This might be true of places that do not see much snow, however for anyone who has experienced a Niagara winter, they know that it is not the case. While you may find that your all-season tires provide what feels like enough traction, studies have shown that their performance is only that of approximately half-worn snow tires.

Enhanced Safety

When comparing winter tires, all-season tires, and all-weather tires, a test done by the Globe and Mail found that winter tires were three times better at holding a corner on the ice than all-season tires. The study also found that the stopping distance of all-season tires was significantly greater than the stopping distance of winter tires.
When the temperature drops, the performance of rubber tires on pavement is downgraded. Winter snow tires are designed to perform not only when snow and ice are covering the road, but the rubber used is specially designed to stay pliable when the road is dry and the temperature is well below zero degrees. This gives you an enhanced grip all winter long.

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It’s not too early to think about when you need your snow tires on your vehicle. Book an appointment with the Henley Honda service team today and make sure you’re prepared for winter, and get to the front of the line to beat the rush of appointments that will come when the snow finally does start to fall. To book a service appointment, call Henley Honda or book your appointment online.