Fall Vehicle Maintenance For Your Honda

fall vehicle maintenance
As the seasons officially change and the weather cools down, it is a good idea to take a look at your Honda and ensure it’s still in its best shape for the cooler weather. After a summer of fun, there may be some things you need to address on your car, and areas of wear that you should check during vehicle maintenance. There are also things you should look at simply as regular vehicle maintenance. Here are some tips to give your car a check-up, and make sure your Honda is ready to take on Fall.

Check On Your Tires and Your Brakes

The thoughts of a first frost and a bitter winter are still far from everyone’s minds – after all, it’s still above 20 degrees most days! But with unpredictable Ontario weather, it’s better safe than sorry. Check your brakes and ensure that in any inclement weather (even if that’s some fall rain showers) you have the stopping power you need. Make sure your tires aren’t too worn down and check the pressure in the tires to make sure they keep the recommended pressure level.

Do A Light Check

As part of your vehicle maintenance, walk around the car and ensure that all of the lights are working properly. If any bulbs are broken or have stopped working be sure to replace them. Make sure the lights are all clean and aren’t being distorted.

Make Sure Heat/Defrost Systems Work

There are a number of issues that can come with having a heating system that works ineffectively. Aside from discomfort, you risk condensation rising on the windows, which leads to unsafe driving conditions. If defrost systems don’t work, your vision can also be impaired and make for unsafe driving. Check all systems to ensure they work properly before the weather gets cold enough for them to be required.

Get An Oil Change

If you are nearing your recommended time for an oil change, don’t delay it any longer. Having clean oil in your vehicle is ideal for the coming weather that is tougher on your car. At this time you should also check the air filter in your engine, and make sure that it does not need replacing. If the filter isn’t clean, replace it. You should be able to see light through the filter when you hold it up to a light.
While you’re at your oil change, it is a good idea to get your car completely looked over by a service technician. Seasonal vehicle maintenance is important, and the trained eyes of a vehicle service technician will be able to spot problems that you may miss yourself when looking under the hood. To book an appointment with our service team, click here.