Get Your Honda Ready For Spring

spring time honda vehicle maintenance
These Canadian winters will leave their mark on your car in the form of salt stains. As the seasons shift into spring, it’s important to let your car recover from that. To do that, we have several vehicle maintenance tips to get your vehicle ready for the spring. Give your car the TLC that it so desperately needs before the springtime weather hits.
Here are our top seven vehicle maintenance tips for spring cleaning your car.

Clean Your Car’s Undercarriage

Salt, sand, and general grime play a role in the well-being of your car, so it is important to get rid of all of this. Those elements can cause erosion and other issues, so it is extremely important that an undercarriage wash – or even taking a strong garden hose to the underneath of your car – is one of the first things that you do.

Deep Clean Your Car’s Interior and Exterior

With the mess that winter brings, it is extremely important to do a deep clean that will get rid of any residual winter grime. This will help to preserve your paint job. Giving your car a good wax will remind you of the wonderful paint job that is so easy to forget about during the winter months.

Take Off Your Winter Tires

Once the temperature rises above 7 degrees Celsius, and stays there continuously, it is time to remove the winter tires. That is a great time to switch back to all-season or performance tires.

Check Your Brakes

The road salt that your car has driven through for the past few months can really take a toll on your brakes. The salt can corrode the metal, and your brake pads need these to be properly lubricated in order to work efficiently.

Check Your Tire Alignment

During the winter, the road freezes and causes cracks and potholes in the cement. The potholes can really negatively impact the alignment of your tires. Now is the time to get everything checked before you start taking longer road trips in the warm weather. 

Check Your Tire Pressure

Your tires lose about one pound per square inch for every 6 degrees Celsius drop in temperature. As the temperature events out and stops dipping, get those tires checked!

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Snow and sleet make your windshield wipers work overtime for a few months of the year, so changing them is necessary at the end of the winter season.
If your car needs a little extra vehicle maintenance, book an appointment with the Henley Honda Service Team. Our team will help you get your car warm-weather ready!