Getting to Know your Honda: Genuine Honda Parts

We know you love your Honda, and that’s why we know it deserves only the best. So when it’s time to service your vehicle, you don’t want just anything under the hood. Genuine Honda Parts are made for your Honda to ensure you get nothing but the best out of your vehicle.

The quality you expect

You drive a Honda because you expect quality every time you get behind the wheel. And that quality exists in every part of your Honda. Genuine Honda Parts are made to meet the strict quality standards for an exact fit and precise operation in your vehicle. When you get your Honda serviced at Henley Honda, you are choosing Genuine Honda Parts that meet the highest quality standards by Honda engineers.

The reliability you want

Genuine Honda Parts are supported by all Honda dealers throughout Canada. All of your Honda parts work together to produce a single output. Non-genuine parts claim to be reliable but since they don’t met Honda’s engineering standards, you may be unknowingly compromising your system. If one part isn’t reliable, it lets down your whole system.

The performance you deserve

You deserve optimal performance from your Honda and with Genuine Honda Parts, you get the performance and safety we love giving you. Genuine Honda Parts are designed precisely and tested at Honda facilities to make sure each part functions at the performance level you deserve. Not only will your vehicle perform at the highest level, but you will also see the durability and reliability you have had since day one.

Genuine Honda Parts available

To keep your Honda’s quality, reliability and performance top notch, you can get the following Genuine Honda Parts through your dealer’s service department:

  • Oils & fluids
  • Oil filters
  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Filters
  • Belts
  • Wiper Blades

When it’s time to get service, your Honda-trained service department will make sure your Honda gets the genuine parts you need to get the quality, reliability and performance you expect from your vehicle.
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