Getting to Know your Honda: HondaLink

Honda is always improving its technology, just like you are always improving yours. With our new HondaLink feature you can stay connected without even looking at your smartphone.

Introducing HondaLink with Aha™ by HARMAN

HondaLink with Aha Radio allows you to stay connected to your smartphone without ever looking at it. This innovative system, connected through the touchscreen of your Honda, uses your cell network through your smartphone to connect to internet radio, podcasts, location-based services and social media in one location.

How to use HondaLink

Using and customizing HondaLink is as simple as downloading the app. After downloading the app to your smartphone, launch the app to sign-up for your own HondaLink ID and Aha radio services account. And then, “Aha!” – unlimited access to all of your favourite media!

What does HondaLink do?

The real question is what doesn’t it do? Besides allowing you to download your favourite podcasts and listen to internet-based radio through your smartphone (meaning you don’t need an extra data plan!), you can also access Facebook and Twitter in your car!
You may think having access to social media in your car would cause distractions, HondaLink is intended to make accessing these istes and stations while driving safer than using your smartphone. HondaLink converts your social media news feeds into an audio stream and does not allow used to post status updates. Users select the content to listen to in the app ahead of time, allowing a personalized lineup of content so you can put away your phone and still stay connected.