Henley Honda 101: Using Honda Apple CarPlay

apple phone before connecting to honda apple carplay
Music apps, specifically Apple Music, are largely popular for many smartphone users because they allow playlists to be used at any given moment. Having access to the newest music from a variety of different genres is a huge plus to consumers, specifically those with long commutes, or who simply enjoy listening to music with no interruptions from ads.
Another added benefit that makes these apps especially popular is the feature that allows these playlists to be saved and played without connecting to data. These are some of the reasons that has lead to the inclusion in 2018 Hondas.

The Honda Apple CarPlay System

Honda vehicles offer drivers and passengers the ability to connect their smartphones to the Display Audio Infotainment System. This system is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With the Apple version of this offering, drivers will have hands-free access to the iPhone’s functions and features through the infotainment system.
Safety and hands-free talk whilst driving are one of the most important features in newer cars, which is why the 2018 Honda Accord allows the smartphone to be operated using voice commands. 

How To Connect Your Honda

In order to connect your iPhone to your Honda vehicle, there are four steps:

  1. Plug your iPhone’s USB cord into the USB port beneath the climate controls
  2. Whilst the car is turned on, go to the Display Audio home screen and choose the “enable” key, followed by agreeing to the terms and conditions
  3. Next, select the “CarPlay” icon, which allows you to see the menu of your iPhone’s apps
  4. To get back to the home screen, press the Honda icon

If Siri is one of your favourite functions of your iPhone, you can activate her by pressing and holding the “talk” button on the steering wheel. When you hit the “talk” button again, she will be turned off. Through Siri, you can have her read your text messages, make calls, and check directions using Apple Maps.
For more information on the available features for your Honda, visit Henley Honda today.