Henley Honda Guide to Safe Driving on Halloween

Halloween is a night of candy and costumes, kids running around from house to house to bring in the most haul and of course, this presents a challenging scenario if you must be on the road. In light of this, we have provided a few quick tips to keep you safe on the road tonight.

Trick or Treating Hour

Most kids will be out for Halloween from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Statistically, this is when most collisions occur on this day of the year. Being extra alert and mindful of slowing down more than usual in neighbourhoods will add to your road safety this year.

Drive Slowly, Don’t Pass

One of the biggest factors in Halloween vehicle collisions and pedestrian accidents is driving too quickly. In addition, stopped vehicles are often dropping off children, so stay put behind, be a little more patient than usual and be aware that kids may run in front of that car to cross the street.

Kids in the Street

It is easy to spot the kids walking with their parents on the shoulder, but it is not easy to predict which youngster is going to dart into the street to make it to the next house as fast as possible. Often kids that are 12 years old and up will be trick or treating without a parent, this can equal less road friendly behaviour. You don’t want to be behind the wheel if disaster strikes, so keep your eyes on the all parts of the road and keep the speed low.

Yield to Young Pedestrians

Children may not know to stop as they cross the road. This could be because they are not aware that your vehicle is approaching (costumes with masks, big hoods, wigs) or they do not know how to safely cross the street. Be ready for frequent stops to let the kids get to their Halloween destination safely.

Communicate with Other Drivers

On a night like tonight, we are all in this together. Safety should be top of mind for everyone on the road, so always use your turn signals. If you are pulled over to drop off kids yourself, hazard lights are necessary.
Most importantly, have a very Happy Halloween!