Henley Honda Guide to Safe Driving this Holiday Season

With Christmas just days away, the holiday travel begins. With so many people taking to the roads — and the weather being unpredictable — we have provided you with a few quick tips to keep you safe on the roads during your Christmas visiting season.

Tune up

Before taking your trip, make sure your vehicle is tuned up and in safe driving condition for winter roads. Also make sure you have a full tank of gas before any long or snowy drives.

Be flexible

Leave with plenty of time if you are on a schedule. Many people are going to be on the roads, just like you which can lead to slow travel time. Winter weather is often unpredictable, so even if it isn’t snowing yet, be prepared. By leaving early, you will be able to make it safely to your destination without rushing in rush hour.

Better safe than sorry

If the weather looks bad, don’t take to the roads. It is better to re-schedule a get-together than risk your life and the lives of your family and friends during dangerous driving conditions.

Stay alert

Long drives can be tiring, especially if you were at another holiday gathering the night before. Do not push yourself to make an unrealistic schedule. If you get tired, have another driver take over or pull off the road somewhere to stretch, get some fresh air or nap if necessary. If you are still too tired to continue, find somewhere to stay for the night, your family and friends will understand.

Slow down, do not pass

With so many drivers on the road, it’s important to keep your speed down with plenty of distance from other vehicles to allow reaction time, just in case. There are bound to be aggressive and impatient drivers on the road. Let them pass you so you can stay in control. And if the weather or traffic is impeding your vision, do not pass.

Never drink and drive

If there will be drinking at your gathering, make sure you have a designated driver who is not consuming any alcohol. If you do not have a DD, call a cab or make arrangements to spend the night where you are. Drinking and driving is never an option.
From the Henley Honda family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday!