Honda Canada Helps Those Affected by the Devastating Events in Fort McMurray


It is no secret how community-oriented and focused we try to be here at Henley Honda, and that feeling is shared amongst Honda dealers and associates across the country. Countless people have been affected by the recent and devastating events in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and The Honda Canada Foundation has stepped up to help. The Foundation has donated $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross in support of the Alberta Fires Appeal for use during relief and recovery efforts in the Fort McMurray area.

Along with the Honda Canada Foundation’s contribution, and additional $100,000 has also been donated by the 232 Honda dealers across Canada. The Honda Canada Foundation has also committed itself to matching any donations submitted to the Canadian Red Cross by its associates across the country.

Honda Canada has also donated a significant amount of Honda power equipment for use by local authorities and first responders to help with their relief efforts.

Dave Gardner, Chairman of the Honda Canada Foundation had the following to say about the efforts by Honda and the Canadian Red Cross during this extremely difficult time for many;

“Honda’s intention is to support the many individuals and families devastated by the recent wildfires in the Fort McMurray area. As we have responded to past natural disasters at home and abroad, supporting the Canadian Red Cross is an effective way to quickly help those affected. Honda encourages all Canadians to donate to the Canadian Red Cross at this time in order to assist the most vulnerable citizens affected by this severe situation.”

For more information on how you can help, or to donate, please visit