Honda CR-Z Being Discontinued in 2017


Honda Canada has recently announced that it is discontinuing the sales of its compact hybrid hatchback, the Honda CR-Z. Sales of the CR-Z will cease in 2017, however existing stock will still be available from Honda dealers who have inventory still.

Plagued by poor sales from the get-go, the CR-Z has only sold 1,324 units in Canada since it was introduced in 2011. Last year, in 2015, the CR-Z sold only 55 units – extremely low for Honda Canada’s standards. The CR-Z was initially thought as a sporty alternative to its predecessor, the CR-X, marketing to young buyers who wanted excitement behind the wheel, but also wanted to feel good about what they were driving. Also at it’s time, the Honda CR-Z was the first and only hybrid vehicle that was available with a manual stick-shift transmission. It was also the only two-seat hybrid available outside of a Porsche, McLaren or Ferrari. Ultimately though, the CR-Z failed to miss the mark that the CR-X set, and ultimately flopped.

The end of the road for the CR-Z was confirmed by auto publication, GoodCarBadCar, after they spoke with Honda Canada who confirmed the move regarding the vehicle’s future. Honda Canada’s spokesperson, Maki Inoue had the following to say regarding cutting out the CR-Z: “As Honda aligns its product portfolio to best take advantage of growth opportunities in the marketplace, it will add a new Accord Hybrid, and discontinue the CR-Z this year,”.

While we are never thrilled to bring you news like this, we know that Honda Canada will take a great deal of information and knowledge from the low sales of the CR-Z, and turn it into something positive down the road.

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