Make sure Honda's Heater is ready for Winter

Make sure Honda's Heater is ready for Winter
Days are becoming cooler, so it is important that the heater in your Honda is working. It is also important that your heater works for the duration of the winter to avoid making your drive feel longer than it really should be. A solution is to avoid these heater problems is being able to indicate heater trouble before it happens. Below are tips that might indicate heater problems occurring:

Diagnosing your Honda’s Heater

There are signs that tell you it’s time to pay closer attention to your heater. If your vehicle’s heater is blowing cool air rather than warm, there may be an issue with the heating element. If you have noticed a chirping or screeching sound when your car heater goes on, it may be an indication of a worn fan motor bearing that could lead to a motor failure to follow.

Areas to Check

If you find your heater control is unusually stiff, it might be a sign of sticky or inoperative heater control valve. This could ultimately affect your heating system from working to its full ability. Heater and defroster duct hoses release fresh air into the system and warm air to the locations passed the heater core. If one of a duct hose were to be punctured, your heater will not be able to warm your car or defrost your windows efficiently. Ensure that you have a professional check your horses while having additional service work completed, like an oil change.

Heater Repairs

Repairing your car’s heater can be time-consuming and difficult. Rather than do it yourself, bring it into Henley Honda. Our team of experts will get the job done and save you a headache.
By taking care of a properly functioning heater will keep you warm and windows clear this winter to ensure safe driving. Pay attention to the signs that your heating system could be potentially failing, bring your automobile into Henley Honda to avoid being stranded at the side of the road in the cold this winter season!