Honda Helps: Dropping off the Shoulder

We’re always talking about the amazing safety features of Honda vehicles, but there are some things that can’t always be prevented. At Henley Honda, your safety is our number one priority, so we’ve decided to introduce a new blog series to teach you how to avoid accidents and handle emergency situations to keep you out of harm’s way. Check back often to find out how to keep yourself and your family safe, no matter what the road throws your way.

Today we’re talking: What to do if two wheels drop off the shoulder


How it happens

Drop offs happen when the edge of the road is higher than the shoulder. Maybe you’re avoiding a hazard in your lane or you were distracted for a split second. While it sounds like two wheels dropping off the road may sound awful, it is easy to handle.

What to do

Like in any other situation, the best way to handle dropping off the shoulder is by remaining calm and taking your time to get back on the pavement. Trying to get back on the road too quickly can result in losing control and shooting into traffic.
Begin by slowly lifting your from the accelerator and trying not to hit the brakes until you have to (like if you are heading downhill or there is a hazard in front of you). So, if there is no danger or obstacles, keep your foot off the brake.
Once your car has slowed down, gently turn the wheel slightly (about 5 degrees) and ease back onto the pavement. If you have to turn the wheel any more than that, slow down even more.