Honda How To: Jumpstart A Car Battery

For a while now, many of the world's marketing thought leaders have been anticipating that marketing on messaging apps will be the next big trend. As Facebook is always anticipating the future, they’re making this trend a reality.Just imagine you are about to start your Honda and all of a sudden it won’t start. The next thing you see is the maintenance battery light appearing on the dash you start to think why did my battery die?, what do I do next? Here are key reasons why the battery could have died and some tips to get you back on the roads.

How did your battery die?

Typically your car might have died from leaving the lights on for a long period of time which would drain the battery. Another common way that the battery could potentially be drained is when a door or trunk did not completely close that would leave an interior light on. When the interior light is left on it uses the battery, causing it to drain. Other ways might include a faulty alternator, defectively installed stereo system, subwoofer or car alarm that causes a short circuit. Hondas are one of the safer vehicles to purchase as when lights are left on or a door is not closed properly.

What you should do.

The first step to take when the battery dies is to stay calm and know you are able to fix the problem. Some tips to jump start a car is to have a set of jumper cables within your car to use the electric system from another vehicle to power the engine back up. To jump-start a car you connect the first jumper cable to a positive and the other to negative and connecting another car doing the same steps. Using cables will be able to create a spark and provide the battery life again.
Another way to jumpstart your car is with a portable power pack that allows you to be able to jump-start the car yourself. The pack will attach to the car’s battery to jump start without using another car for help.

What if you don’t have the proper tools?

If you do not have the jumper cables and driving a Honda, Honda is able to provide roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is able to personally come and help you get your vehicle back on the road. This also ensures you that the jumpstart is being done safely by a trained expert and providing confidence on driving the safest vehicle on the road.
Henley Honda is able to provide you with the safest car on the road and helps to avoid having to jump start your car. At Henley Honda, we will be able to help you find your perfect match and have one of the safest vehicles on the road today. Don’t fear for your car battery in a Honda!