Honda Parking Series: Parallel Parking

Here at Henley Honda, we know parallel parking can be nerve racking. What with having to angle your car just right to back in and worrying about if you have enough room between your car, the one behind and the one in front of you. A lot of people just avoid it all together and we don’t blame you. Wether you are a new driver or been driving for years, here are some tips to help you concur parallel parking.

Step 1: Find A Spot

Ideally, look for a spot that is a meter or so bigger than your car. This will help to make sure you can get in and out of the spot safety without hitting anything.

Step 2: Claim the Space and Position Yourself

Remember to always use your blinker when pulling or backing into any parking spot. Pull up next to the car in front of the spot you wish to park in (Car A). If Car A is bigger than yours, line up the backs of your vehicles.

Step 3: Crank Your Wheel 

Once your car is positioned properly and at a full stop, crank your wheel all the way towards the spot you are trying to park in (usually to the right). Do not do this while moving.

Step 4: Begin Reversing

While keeping your steering wheel cranked, begin to slowly reverse, while watching the car behind you (Car B).

Step 5: Stop Reversing

When you can fully see the license plate of Car A in your side window, or the front corner of Car B in the center of the rear window, stop and turn your wheel so it is centered.

Step 6: Continue Reversing

Now that your wheel is straight, continue to reverse slowly into your spot until the front of your vehicle has just barely passed the back of Car A. Stop.
Did you go a little far and bump the curb? It’s no problem! Just put the car into drive, pull forward a few feet and try again. Practice makes perfect!

Step 7: Crank your Wheel

Once you have fully stopped, crank your wheel in the opposite direction this time (usually to the left).

Step 8: Finish Parking 

Reverse slowly towards Car B, keeping your wheel turned. Once your car is parallel in the spot, stop moving and straightened your wheel. If you feel like your car is too close to Car B, put your car in drive and pull forward a bit. Finally, put your car into park and you are all done! Great Job! You have just successfully parallel parked and (hopefully) without hitting anything!
Now that you have read our tips, its time to go out and practice! Remember to check out our other helpful parking tips from us here at Henley Honda!