Honda Parking Series: Reversing into a Spot

Here at Henley Honda, we know reversing into a parking spot can be tricky. You have to angle your car just right and worry about if there is enough room between your car and the ones beside you. So wether if you are a new driver or someone who has been driving for years, here are some tips to help you master reversing into a spot.

Step 1: Find Your Spot and Look Around

Find the spot that you wish to park in and don’t forget to use your blinkers! Make sure there are no pedestrians, cyclists, or other vehicles coming towards you.

Step 2: Get into Position

Pull up and drive slightly past the spot you wish to park in. You are in position when your car is about halfway past the spot. At this point, while you are slowly moving, start turning your car away from the spot. Go as far forward as you can while pointing the back of your car as directly into the spot as possible.

Step 3: Start Reversing

Put your car into reverse, and once everything is clear, begin to back up into the spot, with your wheel fairly centered.

Step 4: Look around!

Use your side mirrors as you back up. They will help to make sure you aren’t backing up too close to the cars on either side of you. Keep checking out the back window to keep an eye on the distance between you and the car (or wall, or barrier) behind you (if there is one!).

Step 5: Finish Parking

Finish backing up into the spot. If needed, once you are in the spot, or even partially in, you can put your car into drive and pull forward to adjust your parking job. Excellent! All done!
Now that you have read our tips, its time to go out and practice! But remember to keep your eyes peeled for more helpful parking tips from us here at Henley Honda!