Looking for fuel efficiency? Honda has what you need

When you are purchasing a new vehicle, what are you looking for? With most people who walk through our doors the answer is three-fold: something with superior safety, something that is fun to drive and something with exceptional fuel efficiency. And guess what? We have you covered.
Two Honda hybrid models have been recognized by Natural Resources Canada as the most fuel-efficient new vehicles in their class for 2014. The Honda CR-Z has earned “best-in-class” in the two-seater category and the Honda Accord Hybrid was also recognized in the mid-sized category. The ranking is based ont he lowest estimated annual fuel use based on 20,000 kilometres driven.

About Natural Resources Canada Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles List

Every year, Natural Resources Canada ranks the most fuel-efficient new light-duty vehicles in their class in Canada for every model year. To be recognized as best-in-class, vehicles must have the lowest estimated annual fuel use based on 20,000 kilometres driven with 55% city and 45% highway. For each category, the most fuel-efficient conventional vehicle and the most efficient advanced technology vehicle are recognized.

About the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

With the same styling as the Accord Sedan, the Accord Hybrid adds upscale detailing with unique hybrid badging for the sophisticated design you expect. The Accord Hybrid uses Honda’s two-motor hybrid powertrain along with the Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive system. The system allows the Accord Hybrid to move through three different driving modes — EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive — to optimize efficiency and fuel economy.

About the 2014 Honda CR-Z

The 2014 CR-Z combines a sporty coupe with an eco-conscious hybrid to give our drivers spirited performance and exceptional fuel economy. The CR-Z has a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder single overhead cam engine with “intelligent” Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (i-VTEC) the receives additional power from the Integrated Motor Assist system. The CR-Z has a similar 3-mode drive system as the Accord Hybrid, allowing the driver to choose from Sport, Normal and Econ performance modes. The CR-Z is also the only hybrid in Canada with the option of a manual transmission.
Honda believes you shouldn’t have to make any sacrifices in style or features if you want fuel-efficiency. Go sporty or sophisticated with the Accord Hybrid or the CR-Z and still get the fuel-economy you want in a vehicle you love.