My Vehicle was Recalled … Now What?

It happens, cars get recalled. Honda is committed to outstanding safety, reliability performance and environmental standards, so occasionally we have to ask our owners to bring their vehicle to Henley Honda for recalls or product updates. It’s our job to keep you safe and happy, and sometimes this is the only way to keep our promise.

What is a vehicle recall?

Sometimes, engineering errors happen and cause a defect in a vehicle. The problem tends to be exclusive to specific models produced during a specific time period or at a specific plant. That means that if there is a problem with one make of vehicle, not all have to be pulled off the road at the time of the announced recall.
Usually, consumers report problems as they occur and if enough of the same reports are filed, the issue is investigated, the problem is determined and the findings are made public. Often, the manufacturer will issue a recall to keep its drivers safe in a well-maintained vehicle.

How to know if your vehicle has been recalled

If a recall has been issued, you will be alerted by mail or electronically. When a defect has been announced, a Official Recall Notice is released that specifies all details about the problem and how to handle it. That might mean that you have to bring your vehicle in immediately, or you may be advised to wait until further notice unless you notice inconsistencies that meet the recall specs.

What to do if your vehicle is recalled

If you receive a recall notice, follow the instructions issued in your communication. This may require you to bring your vehicle in to Henley Honda right away. Our trained Honda technicians will see to the repairs outlined by the recall at no cost to you. Manufacturers are given 60 days to attend to owners’ needs after a recall is issued. The time is monitored from the day the recall is written, not announced. This means your best bet is that even if you have heard of the recall, it is best not to bring it in until you receive your personal recall from us. Once you bring your vehicle in, the repair process is dependent on the type of repairs needed.

Stay informed

As a member of the Henley Honda family, the last thing we want is for you to worry about a defect. Unfortunately, these things do happen from time to time, but we have a system in place to make sure you are protected, safe and happy with your vehicle. If you are ever concerned that your vehicle may be involved in a recall, go to with your VIN for information on issued recalls or product updates.