Not a customer but rather a member of their family

This review is long overdue. It will be long but worth the read! I understand that everyone has their own opinion and experiences and I feel I need to share mine.
I drive 140km a day, need a reliable, safe but yet enjoyable ride. I grew up with a GM family as most of us did in St. Catharines but I did my homework and decided to purchased my first Honda in 2012..sensational Accord Coupe, fully loaded with almost every extra option I could get, so you can imagine how money I decided to put into this purchase. I swore to myself, with this large purchase, I would make sure to do every oil change and service as my car told me to and that I did. I made sure Henley Honda was the ones that ever worked on my ‘baby’. Service after service, as self promised, on time, every time. With that many visits to one place you begin to develop a relationship with these great people. It’s a wonderful feeling when you walk into a place and they know you by name even after months have passed and they have seen hundreds of other customers. With that being said, even though both them and I were doing everything right with my car, things don’t always go your way. Let’s face it people…it’s a car…mechanical…anything can go wrong and it is NO reflection on Henley Honda when it does go wrong. It’s been 7 years since my purchase and have had my fair share of car trouble. I’m not going to go into all the details or list the problems, that’s not why I’m posting this review. I want to share, even though unexpected issues happened, I was taken care of every time. Why? Because Henley Honda is the only one that touches my car. They were easily able to review every service record. That’s a big part of this picture. How can you expect any dealership to have your back if you bring your care somewhere else to be worked on, only to return to the purchase dealership when things go awry. Even though I have been armed and ready, I have never had to fight, argue, get made or even slightly raise my voice with anyone at Henley Honda. They have made every inconvenience I have encountered manageable when I was in the warranty period and well past it. They have stepped up enormously. At one point, working directly with Honda Canada to rectify an issue…who I must add where amazing as well.
If you’re purchasing a Honda, then you have done your own homework and your half way there. The next step is to purchase your vehicle directly at Henley Honda and then cross the finish line by servicing your vehicle ONLY with the best service team I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with..certified Honda technicians directly at Henley. They have the most preeminent Service Manager in the area and in my opinion is unbeatable. SHAMIL AND HIS SERVICE TEAM have made me not a customer but rather a member of their family.
I’m already over 260,000 km in only 7 years and still going strong. I waited this long to post a review because I wanted to be fair. I wanted to see how Henley would hold up during my warranty, after I long passed my extended warranty and after my financing was finished and I out right own my car. The service team have been impeccable and have never let me down. It is because of them alone that I trust my car.
Thank you Shamil, Tommy and Jonathan (amongst others) for always taking pride in what you do and the service you offer. TOP NOTCH BABY!
Sincerely, Lisa M.