Rust Prevention for Your Honda

honda civic coupe rust prevention
If you have had your beloved Honda for a few years now, it probably still runs like a dream – a smooth ride, beautiful interior, incredible fuel efficiency. However, as years of driving your trusted vehicle pass, there is a common concern to consider: rust.
Rust build-up can have more serious repercussions than unattractiveness towards your vehicle’s safety. Rust can weaken your car’s body panels, while further compromising the strength of its frame. To avoid this, you can take steps to effectively prevent rust from occurring in the first place.

Finding Rust Before it Spreads

Thoroughly inspect your wheel wells. This area is often dirty and difficult to see, so it is often neglected when cleaning your car. Tire manufacturers recommend that you rotate your tires every 10,000 kilometres, and this provides an opportunity to check the wheel wells for rust.
Your vehicle is most likely to rust where two pieces of metal meet. If the pieces rub together, the protection provided by paint will wear down and rust will form. Take a walk around your car, checking the doors, hood and trunk to inspect for rust. If the paint is bubbling, it is a clear sign that rust has started to form beneath.

Washing Your Car

Not only is having a sparkling clean car nice to have on the road, washing up your vehicle is critical in preventing rust. Wash your car every few weeks to remove dirt build-up, which can eventually rub through paint. If your car has been hit with an unfortunate bird- run-in (such as multiple bird droppings) or come into contact with gasoline, consider washing your car sooner rather than later. Over time, these everyday occurences can wear through wax and paint, leaving the metal susceptible to rust.

Preventing Rust From Spreading

If you do happen to spot rust on your vehicle, taking immediate action to treat the area is the best way to avoid further spreading. Using a sharp edge, scrape the rust until it wears away. If you find the paint is flaking, it means it is no longer bonded to the metal surface and may need to be checked out by a professional. If you’re not sure what to do, get in touch with your local Honda dealer, who can help.

Visit Henley Honda

If you feel your rust problem persists, book a service appointment to bring your vehicle into Henley Honda. Our team will assess and address the issue.