The Dynamic Test Drive – Episode One

Have you checked out the first episode in our mini-series about the Dynamic Test Drive, exclusively offered at Henley Honda. Lets get into the “why” of these videos and get you excited for episodes two and three!
First, check out episode one:

What is the Dynamic Test Drive?

It is an opportunity for you to really see the capability of the vehicle with the expertise and trusted driving ability of one of our team members. When you take the car for a test drive you do not push the vehicle to perform. Most cars come to a nice stop when you ease into it while driving 50km/hr. We want to show you how a Honda will protect you and keep your family safe on the road in the best and worst conditions.


Truthfully, we care way too much about the vehicles that we sell and the people that we sell them to. We do not want you to buy a car that you don’t know, and we want to show you how the vehicle works, what you can expect from your car and how it will handle if the unthinkable occurs and you are in need of a capable vehicle.
Thank you might want to check out the Dynamic Test Drive? Book yours today!