What Sets the 2019 Honda CR-V Apart

2019 Honda CR-V
The 2019 Honda CR-V is pure driving bliss wrapped in all of the functional practicality you need. From city driving to long road trips, from the harsh Ontario winter to summer vacation, the CR-V has everything you need, and the handling to make getting where you need to be fun and exciting. There are a few features that make the 2019 Honda CR-V stand out. Today we’re highlighting three features that make this SUV a must have.

Two Level Cargo Floor

Whatever your cargo needs, the CR-V can handle them. The 2019 CR-V comes equipped with a useful two-level cargo floor with an efficient and easy cargo floor that is simple to move. Remove it easily to fit larger items into the trunk area, and it easily fits back into place to secure any valuables under the floor when necessary. Unlike difficult to move cargo floors of competitor models, the CR-V makes loading and unloading as easy as possible.

Easy Cargo Access

Having lots of cargo space is only great if you have easy access to it. Picture this: you know you have the trunk space to get a larger parcel into your vehicle, but the opening to your trunk is just shy of big enough. That picture isn’t one you’ll have to face with the 2019 Honda CR-V. Not only does it offer a large cargo area, but it offers a wider and taller than ever trunk opening, to make getting everything loaded in easier than ever before.

Center Console

In all ways, the CR-V measures up better than the competition. Inside Honda’s newest generation SUV there is a modular centre console, designed to maximize utility and space. Inside is a sliding tray, perfect for phones and other handheld devices. This area also offers easy access to charging ports and connection ports, keeping you connected with full batteries at all times. Under the sliding tray is a perfect spot for larger items. On top of all of this sits a soft leather, comfortable armrest.

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