Why the 2019 Honda Civic is still Best In Class

Drive into the New Year with the 2019 Honda Civic. With this best-in-class vehicle, you will enjoy a comfortable, affordable ride through the new year!

Honda Sensing

Year after year, Honda Civics models have been improving their exterior, interior, technologies, performance and more. The 2019 Honda Civic includes a high-performance sensing technology designed to make your drive safer. As technology is improving, the features included in the new Honda Sensing enhance the driving experience.
As one of the features in the new Honda Civic 2019 Honda Sensing Suite, the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system is designed to detect the presence of vehicles in front of you. After the detection, audible, visible and tactile alerts occur if you are approaching with too much speed. Failure to respond results in the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) kicking in.
The CMBS included in the new Honda Civic involves the reduction of severe frontal impact. By applying light brake pressure in instances where you don’t respond to the FCW, this device is designed to brake firmly to avoid collisions.
Both of these features enhance your driving experience and allow you to feel comfortable and safe in the 2019 Honda Civic.


In addition to the Honda Sensing Suite, standard in the 2019 Honda Civic, the vehicle also features additional technology designed to further assist when navigating the vehicle. With LaneWatch blind spot display, this enables you to view the live feed on your Display Audio Screen of your right blind spot through a camera placed under your passenger-side mirror. With the road quickly changing, Honda’s LaneWatch allows you to be ready!
The Display Audio Screen built into the 2019 Honda Civic not only allows for LaneWatch to assist in blind spot areas but allows for the multi-angle rearview camera to be displayed as well. This device is designed to show you what’s happening behind your vehicle, making backing up a piece of cake!
Tired of waiting outside in the hot or cold weather for your car to start? With the available proximity key entry system with push-button start, you can simply start your vehicle while finishing getting ready for work at the same time!

Performance and Efficiency

This 6-speed manual transmission allows for you to handle the hustle and bustle while manoeuvring the busy roads. With the 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder Earth Dream engine, you will have the ability to naturally enhance your speed with this turbocharged engine. Featuring the Eco Assist option to help conserve fuel and automatically engage your engine to help run more effectively, you will notice a huge change to your stride. As a dynamic composure, the Civic has been re-engineered to allow for a smooth drive with the independent strut front and independent multi-link rear suspension. All together creating the perfect performance and efficiency you’re looking for in a new 2019 Honda Civic.