Winterizing Your Honda

Winterizing Your Honda
With the holidays finally upon us, it may become difficult to remember that you still need to winterize your Honda. However, if your vehicle is not properly ready for a winter drive, driving can be dangerous and treacherous. By performing simple winterizing tasks, it will allow you to have a safe and sound winter on the road.
By checking the following areas, it will help you have a safe drive home through these tough Canadian winters:

Under the Hood:

  • Clean, flush and put new antifreeze in the cooling system, make sure the ratio is a 50:50 mix to avoid your radiator from freezing
  • Come to Henley Honda to have your battery checked, in the winter the cold weather might slow down your battery that might cause problems to your car
  • Keep the washer fluid full and keep an extra on in the car to maintain a clear vision during winter storms
  • Check the belts and hoses to ensure that all the functions are working effectively
  • Service your vehicle regularly to be able to look over the oil and filters within the car to ensure a warm drive

On the Outside:

  • Install winter tires, the rubber around winter tires are designed to increase the car’s stability on the road make sure the tire pressure is at a safe level that varies on the size of the car to keep the best traction on the roads

Don’t Forget:

  • Pack a winter safety kit in your car in case of a vehicle breakdown, include a first aid, extra jackets and blankets, jumper cables, car toolkit and non-perishable food and beverages

Ensure that your vehicle is ready for the winter weather that we are about to have. Be safe this winter by having your car up to top shape for this winter season. If you are unsure what to winterize in your vehicle then bring your car into Henley Honda for expert advice!